News: How to Create a Logo For Your Business
March 7th, 2014 by Steve Gibson
How to Create a Logo For Your Business

Making a powerful logo can often be a complicated process. The end goal is something that easily represents your brand in a simple yet striking way. Despite some of the best logos being nice and simple, it can be hard work to brainstorm ideas for a logo, and it’s certainly hard to find something that everybody in your business is happy with.

However, there are certain tips to ensure the end result is both something that will set your business up for success, and something that customers will easily remember.


The Various Types of Logos

There are various types of logos that may work for different types of businesses. If you look at the biggest companies in history, their logos are usually very simple and font-based. For example, both Microsoft and Samsung literally have just their name in their logo. This style can be very effective and work well with many forms of media.

Another type of logo style is the use of a symbol. When brainstorming symbol ideas, it would be wise to think about the services your business provides, instead of the name behind your business. From here, you’ll want to work on a symbol that clearly shows the kind of services you can offer. A symbol can also be linked to the tag line or slogan. Just make sure that the end user “gets it” and that the two marry well together.

With more help on brainstorming ideas, try to think of what your business offers to your community in one simple sentence. This should be used as the basis for your brainstorming. Don’t feel shy to check out other logos from businesses in your industry for ideas, either – successful businesses rely on good brand recognition, and a powerful logo is as important is it gets when it comes to branding.


How to Ask for Help

With all of the DIY (Do it yourself) logo creation programs on the market, It can be very tempting to design your own logo, but you may just kick yourself later if the design is not done right the first time round. A not-so-good logo image can actually lose opportunities for your business.

Your logo will stick to your business, and it’s what customers will use to identify you with. It must be created professionally to propel your business forward. Lackluster graphics will only inhibit your business from success.

If you want to create a logo that is strongly based around what your business truly stands for, you can always look for professional help. Ask UDIO Edge how to create a logo for your business.


Learn more about how we can provide you with a memorable, clean and crisp logo here.

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