Great graphic design and branding change the game

You don’t want to chase the competition: you want to change how the game is played. Powerful visuals start with corporate identity items like logo, letterhead, signage, promotional items. A great creative agency understands that branding strategies must be anchored in what people see and how they respond to it—and then use that information to change the creative edge. Game-changing graphic design must also support strong strategic planning and your internet presence. UDIO Edge works with companies and organizations in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC, learning your unique requirements and producing materials and a design strategy crafted to transform your business image. Change the game to your advantage: choose UDIO Edge

Your corporate logo is the beginning point of your business

The first, immediate connection customers make with you is your business name and logo. Is it simple, clear, crisp and current? Attractive? Good logos need something else: change. Consider how the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens logos stay current. Can yours? Developing a logo for your business is critical. Let’s get you a great one.

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Letterhead communicates more than words

You have choices in letterhead–and they matter. What weight and color of paper say the right things about your company? What ink colors and fonts best communicate your message? A company letter is always held in someone’s hand…and everything about it communicates information about your company. From formal to avant-garde, from sophisticated to fun, we’ll guide you to choices that enhance your message well beyond words.

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Business cards: why be boring?

Business cards and tennis have one thing in common: the look has changed, and there’s no going back to basics. Why keep a boring, basic business card? Differentiate yourself! When you present your business card to someone, you want them to look twice. You want them to wish they had a card as cool as yours. Your business card makes you memorable—and that can mean better business.

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