Search engine optimization (SEO) to grow your website traffic

Writing meta tags keywords for SEO, writing alt text for images, strategies for learning how valuable your backlinks are, balancing white area, PPC pay per clicks, Facebook optimization, text relevance, keywords and organic SEO, getting your web content written in great language with good grammar, best blogging strategies for marketing… Is your head hurting? Relax. What may be an annoying—or agonizing—mess to you is stuff we do every day. UDIO Edge offers creative design coupled with SEO sophistication. When you need a website that kicks…well, you THAT… we’re here to help.

Organic SEO to raise your Google ranking

When should you use PPC? When should you use organic SEO? Organic SEO versus PPC depend on many factors, but in general, invest your time and resources in organic SEO first: it’s a more trusted search response by many users. You need a game plan that fits the resources you have. Reach out to UDIO Edge.

Pay Per Click marketing gives great results with tight cost control

PPC marketing leverages 100% of the internet for any business for a slice of time: and you get to decide exactly what size slice you need. Whether you have a three-day promo for a local business or multi-month campaign for an international launch, we can help you get precise control on your internet marketing ROI.

Facebook optimization: it’s a must.

Write great posts, optimize your pages, and include graphics, because Google loves Facebook. The problem is that social media presence might take more time and energy than you may have. Anything can be outsourced. We offer great writing and posting services to keep your social game going strong.