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“Professional and Hip” Together in the Same Branding


I love my new logo and branding, Steve. You have helped me take my business to the next level, and when I am at networking events it is so much fun to hand out my filmstrip card. One of the things that I have loved about working with you is that you have really listened to my thoughts and concerns, yet at the same time you’ve been successful at introducing “out of the box” ideas. You have managing to say “professional and hip” together in the same branding. I have also appreciated your accessibility. You have been so easy to reach, you return phone calls right away, and you’ve been right on top of this project from the start. I have been recommending you to all my creative friends. Great job, Steve Gibson…you nailed my logo!

from Kathy Freundel Photography

Quality Work at a Competitive Price


As a small business owner, I understand that my corporate image is a crucial first impression. UDIO Edge understands the critical role of branding, positioning and uniqueness and they deliver quality work at a competitive price. The biggest benefit to me from UDIO Edge is their ability to take my visions that are abstract and conceptual and transform it to something that is concrete and tangible, with a high level of detail that exudes excellence.

from Mind Over Money, LLC.

Thank You Again for Your Efforts!


On behalf of the American Heart Association and the 2009 Baltimore Heart ball team, thank you for graciously providing your time and services for this year’s event that was held on February 21, 2009 at the Renaissance HarborPlace Hotel. According to all accounts, our guest had a great time. The food, the atmosphere, decor, the signage and the music all got rave reviews. People are already talking about next year’s event! Your help was so critical in helping us meet our goals. You played a great part in the success of our event and your efforts helped us raise over $508,000 towards defeating heart disease and stroke, the nations number one and three killers of all Americans. On behalf of the millions of people impacted each year by heart disease and stroke, thank you again for your efforts!

from American Heart Association

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